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Our Classrooms

About our Curriculum

Holy Name Preschool embraces "The Creative Curriculum for Preschool" philosophy for our program. The Creative Curriculum is based on five fundamental principles. They guide our teaching practice and help us understand the reasons for intentionally setting up and operating our preschool program in particular ways. These principles are:

  • Positive interactions and relationships with adults provide a critical foundation for successful learning.

  • Social-emotional competence is a significant factor in school success.

  • Constructive, purposeful play supports essential learning.

  • The physical environment affects the type and quality of learning interactions.

  • Teacher-family partnerships promote development and learning​

We have 38 goals and objectives outlined in the Creative Curriculum that are the basis for our lesson plans. We choose various themes throughout the year. The themes are chosen based on the interest of the children, and are altered accordingly. We strive on continually improve. Monthly calendars indicating what we are going to do each day are displayed on each classroom door and sent home with each family. Each classroom has a dry erase board briefly describing what we did that day. The Preschool Class receive individual notes. We are not able to write individual notes each day for each child in the Monkey and Prekindergarten Classes because of the class size. It is our goal to have one of your child's teachers or our director communicate verbally with you daily, either in the morning or evening. 

We have an online assessment portfolio for each child called Teaching Strategies GOLD. We enter any observations into the secure site as a record to see where they are in achieving the objectives. We use this information for group, and individual planning. We are able to generate reports that tell us what objectives the children need to work on. This guides us in choosing materials for the classroom centers that will assist learning in those areas. Materials in the centers are rotated monthly and as needed. We gather information from the Child Assessment Portfolio's, as well as the work sample portfolios, for the Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Below, the schedule for each class is discussed. At the beginning of the year we will rearrange the schedule, if necessary, to keep it developmentally appropriate for the current group as a whole. There are planned activities that are teacher directed, incorporating the objectives. We have focus time to work in small groups. Our Choice Time is when the children get to choose a center to play/work in. Many of the goals will be achieved at this time. The teachers always have a school cellphone for picture taking, pencil and paper to take note of these achievements. This documentation is entered into their portfolios. It is quite an amazing circle of planning>learning>assessing>documenting> reporting>planning>learning>etc. Please let our director Betsy know if you have any further questions about out curriculum and method of instruction.

​Preschool Class


Welcome to the Preschool Class! Our classroom is independent from the Monkey and the Prekindergarten classrooms. We are located on the left side of the building where we do all of our lessons, play time, and more. Our ages range from 2.5 to 3 years old and must be potty trained to be in school! We start our day off with a morning snack at 8:30. After snack we have our morning circle where we will read a book, sing songs and have an activity. After our morning circle we have choice time with centers such as art area, math area, block area, home sweet home, water table area, science area and book nook. We have lunch at 11:00 and then we play outside.  We come in for nap time at 1:00. We wake up at 3:00 for afternoon snack. Once afternoon snack is over we are back on the playground for the rest of the day. The Preschool Class is fun and very developmentally appropriate for each child. Here is a sneak peek into our classroom!

Art Easel
Block Area
Home Sweet Home
Welcome Board
Book Nook
Block Area

​Monkey in the Middle Class

Welcome to our Monkey in the Middle Class! Our day starts with a morning snack at 8:30. We gather for morning circle at 9:00 in the classroom. We read a story and follow it up with a discussion and project or activity. After circle we have choice time where the students can choose a center to play and explore in. Our class is combined with the Prekindergarten's class at choice time. Our centers include, Math Island, Book Nook, Discovery Center, Home Sweet Home, Block Area, Water Table, Writing Area, Music and the Green Room (art projects). We have lunch at 11:00.  After lunch time we go outside and play on the playground. The nappers come back inside for nap at 1:00 and the non-nappers come inside at 2:00 for yoga and SLAM (science, literacy, art and math). Combined with the PreK we all have afternoon snack together at 3:00. Once snack is over we go back outside and it is pick up time from then till 5:30! Below is a sneak peek of our classroom!

Prekindergarten Class

Welcome to the Prekindergarten (PreK) Class! The day starts with our morning meeting at the circle rug at 8:30. During our morning meeting we write our names, pick our daily jobs and incorporate movement or songs. We have morning snack at 9:00, and then we go to choice time at 9:30. Our class combines with the Monkey class at choice time. Choice Time is when we get to explore and play in centers. Our centers include, Math Island, Book Nook, Discovery Center, Home Sweet Home, Block Area, Water Table, Writing Area, Music and the Green Room (art projects). At 11:00 we have our circle time, we read a book, have a discussion and do a project or activity. We have lunch around 11:45 and afterwards we play outside. We come inside for yoga and SLAM (science, literacy, art and math) at 2:00. Combining with the Monkey's we have afternoon snack at 3:00. Once afternoon snack is over we go back outside for the rest of the day and last pick up is at 5:30! Our class graduates in the spring to move on to Kindergarten. We have a wonderful graduation ceremony with caps and gowns and of course, cupcakes! Below is a sneak peek into our classroom!

Green Room
Pre-K Door
Block Area
Science Center
Home Sweet Home
Door Decorations
Book Nook
Door Decor
Math Center

Our Playground

Our playground was remodeled August 2018. We are so thrilled to have a fun but safe area for the children to enjoy outside and develop their gross motor skills! We have so many options for each child. We have bikes, trikes and scooters for all ages and sizes. Towards the left side of the playground we have a creek and water table that is for water exploration. Our play structure contains three slides, a rock climber, spiral stairs and drums to incorporate music. In one corner we have our three play houses for pretend play and we have multiple bins full of toys and learning tools. On the right side of the playground we have a fun sandbox for digging and building. Then we have an amazing rock wall for big muscle building and climbing. We also have fun roller coasters, teeter-tooters, and an art easel! Our playground is very special to us and we love our outside time!

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